Actief Case Management, Inc. is nurse-owned and operated. We have been in the California market since 1999. We have undergone a recent name change (click here for information).

Our nurses have extensive clinical backgrounds, many from critical care areas. Most were hired with Workers' Compensation experience and many are certified in case management, occupational nursing and/or rehabilitation.
Our nurses practice case management based upon referral requests and medical, rather than revenue generating, considerations. We find the most effective case management is in working to complete a specific task or to reach a specific goal. Because we are independently owned our practice is not linked with or subject to revenue targets of a parent company.

We want to provide accurate, intelligent, impartial and timely case management at a reasonable cost. We understand that the other participants in the claim cannot do their jobs without accurate and timely information. We believe that facilitating authorized care is an important component of case management.

We understand that in addition to the patient, many parties are involved in a claim, various health care providers, insurance administrators, employers, attorneys, health care facilities and medical suppliers. Treatment requests can be delayed due to missing or incomplete communication. Actief Case Management, Inc. nurses clarify and facilitate communication between parties as guided by law.

Actief Case Management, Inc. nurses believe that returning to the pre-injury level of function is always the goal in good nursing. We believe that a return to the workforce is in the interest of the claimant.