We are the case management company who sponsored bags for the California Workers’ Compensation Forum in Huntington Beach in 2004, 2005 and 2006.

When we returned from the 2005 conference we found a letter threatening to sue us for using Allied in our name. We researched and found many healthcare companies using this word.

Rather than spending the time, effort and money litigating (ok, it was mostly the money), we decided to change our name. A challenging task when viewed with an alphabetically inclined eye. Everything in English was taken, so we chose a Nederlands (Dutch) word, Actief.

Actief can mean active, diligent, and energetic; and it also means assets. We like the Dutch and Belgians because of their work ethic, their love for flowers and artwork, their concept of gezelligheid and because they make fabulous bits of cheeses and chocolate. We also like the placement of the word Actief.

Actief precedes Allied alphabetically so that’s nice. We believe Actief is a great choice, even if our name isn't easy to spell at first. Our case management service is unique and now so is our name.

Best of all, anyone else who threatens to sue us is more likely to summon us to a court in The Hague, than to a court in Van Nuys.

Thank you and tot ziens,
Catherine Lloyd RN, CCM, CRRN
Actief Case Management, Inc.